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Peak Performance Physicians, LLC is available to offer seminars on the following subjects:


1. "How To Conduct A Coding Compliance Program"


This seminar examines coding appropriateness for both physicians in private practice as well as hospital based. The major reasons for conducting a Coding Compliance Review include delayed or incorrect reimbursement, maintain concurrency with coding rules, ensure regulatory compliance and avoid fraud and abuse audits, minimize medical necessity denials and appeals and maintain managed care contract compliance.


The Coding Compliance Program involves the following steps:


•    Analysis of Levels of Service Utilization by physician in order to ensure compliance against HCFA Audit Standards and determine areas of potential undercoding or overcoding.


•    Quarterly reporting on E & M coding utilization on each physician.


•  Performance of Documentation Chart Audits for each physician in order to ensure appropriate documentation and medical necessity vis-a-vis procedural coding.


•    Conduct EOB Reviews for each physician in order to validate charge capture appropriateness.


•    Individual Educational Sessions with each physician and office staff in order to review the outcome of the Assessment and establish a framework within which each physician may accomplish these tasks in order to satisfy compliance requirements.


•    Unlimited access to Peak Reimbursement Specialists via telephone, facsimile or e-mail consultation through our Coding Hotline: 1-800-764-2633.


2. "The Five Levers Of Profitability In A Medical Practice"


This seminar discussion involves utilizing various proven methods to assist medical practices in the improvement of their bottom line. These areas involve reimbursement systems, billing & collection processes, accounts receivable management, operations improvement, and improvement in practice growth.


3. "Positioning Your Medical Practice For The Future"


This seminar is targeted towards physicians who are facing the issues of how to maintain independence and control, as well as increase their leisure time and income, while faced with declining reimbursement and increasing expenses. This seminar offers an in-depth look at all available options to physicians from the sale of their medical practice to remaining in independent private practice and how to improve their operations while maintaining independence and control.


4. "The Best Options For Physician Practice Consolidation"


This seminar is targeted toward both hospital and physician audiences as they explore ways to achieve meaningful working relationships and partnerships with one another.


5. "How to Develop and Implement Medical Practice Compliance Program"


For a copy of one of these seminar offerings, please contact us.

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